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Why we need your help?

The BrainTumour Unit project began in 2008 and so far we have raised 1,5 million. We've used the money to get both the Clinical Database and the BrainTissue Bank up and running. Almost all the medical staff are in place and a substantial amount of the equipment has been purchased. The NHS has committed to support some of the running costs immediately and will fund the Unit's full cost once it has been in operation for three years.

All that remains to be done is the refurbishment and final equipping of the 14-bed ward itself. We also need to provide initial funding for a dedicated palliative care specialist and nurse, to help with end of life care. Altogether this will cost 1 million.

If we can generate the funds we need by August, building can begin in the autumn and be completed before Christmas 2010.

Once the Unit is in place we can start to make a real difference to the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for hundreds of people with brain cancer. And the learnings we gain from our research and clinical trials will go on to affect the lives of countless others all around the world.

Registered Charity Number 290173

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