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Molly May Lane Fox was a beautiful, fun loving and energetic four year old with her whole life ahead of her, when, in November 2007, what appeared as an innocent cough suddenly took a sinister turn. Molly started having headaches that were relieved by being sick. On the 10th December 2007 she was diagnosed with a Diffuse Pontine Glioma. A malignant tumour that needs a million cells to see it and once you can see it, it’s too late.

When your child is confronted with a death sentence you are thrown into an abyss. You are desperate to keep your child protected, to make the right decisions and to try and find a cure. The medical and palliative support that Molly received was superb. However, specialists operate out of different hospitals, treatment research is difficult and clinical trials in the UK are few and far between. If Molly had been strong enough after radiotherapy the only option available would have been to take her to Germany for further treatment.

Molly’s radiotherapy bought us precious and happy time that we will always treasure. Sadly she was not well enough to travel to Germany. We cannot help but think that, if the same treatment had been available in the UK, we would have had more precious time.

We feel passionately that nobody should have to go through what this little person endured. Brain cancer in the UK is woefully under funded and under researched. It is time that something is done to change that. The new BrainTumour Unit will transform the treatment of brain cancer in this country. It is our greatest hope that you will do what you can to support it in Molly’s memory.

With our deepest thanks,
Oliver and Hatty Lane Fox

Registered Charity Number 290173

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